Snow Tapers Off
Mostly Cloudy & Cold
HIGH: 22 (WC 10-15)
WIND: N-NE 5-15 mph

SUNRISE  8:09 a.m. 
SUNSET   5:37 p.m.

TODAY - Snow tapers off from north to south in the AM - breezy and cold with temps. around 20 and wind chills in the single figures.  Wind NE 10-20 mph.

LOOKING AHEAD  Partly sunny and very cold Sunday and Monday with highs in the low-mid teens and lows of -5 to +5 on Sunday morning and -5 to -15 on Monday AM.  Wind chills go down to -10 to -15 early.  Another storm will bring us snow or a mix from late Tuesday to Wednesday...accumulations are likely.  Cold weather to follow that with lake-effect snow showers.  The overall pattern will stay cold into early February.  

Bill's Blog — Bill has details on the Kent/Ottawa County Skywarn meeting coming up in March and more on the extended cold weather pattern coming our way for maybe the next month or more.